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Member Services Committee:

Your Member Services Committee member can assist you with enquiries about the PSHCP (Public Service Health Care Plan), the PDSP (Pensioners Dental Insurance Plan), Medoc Travel Insurance … Read more here

Governance Committee

This committee is responsible for reviewing branch bylaws and proposing updates as appropriate, which includes examining the pros and cons of incorporating our branch. Additionally, this committee proposes resolutions to the Board of Directors which, on approval will be forwarded to  our National Office to be presented at national Annual General Meetings (AGM), which are held in June each year. Read more here

Communications Committee

This committee is responsible for developing and maintaining the branch website as well as implementing and maintaining an email system for communicating with branch members.Read more here

Membership Committee

This functions of this committee includes developing and maintaining branch and national office records of branch membership. Read more here

Finance Committee

The committee is responsible for setting financial policy and rules for Edmonton Branch that are in keeping with the FSNA National Office guidelines and … read more here

Social Committee

This committee is responsible for organizing all aspect of our General Membership Meetings, including the venue, the meal, the guest speaker(s) and anything that happens outside of the formal part of the meeting. Read more here

Telephone Committee

This function of this committee include maintaining and actioning a telephone calling list of members in the greater Edmonton area to contact members who have indicated that they would like to receive a phone call prior to our general membership meetings. Read more here