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2016-12-07 Winter General Membership Meeting Minutes

National Association of Federal Retirees – AB17 – Edmonton Branch

Minutes to the General Membership Meeting – Dec 7, 2016

Royal Canadian Legion, Kingsway Branch – 14339 – 50th Street, Edmonton, Alberta

Present: 149 members and Board Members: Brian Emdin PAO/AB, Ross Gillespie, Lillian June, Clay Kolstad, Delbert Dahl, Heather-Anne Elliott-Martin, Rick Brick, Judy Tracz, Mahir Mansi, Joan Brick, and Linda Phillips. Also in attendance was the following guest: Luella Webber who provided CART (Communications Access Realtime Translation) for deaf/hard of hearing members.

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Ross Gillespie at 12:45 p.m.

Opening Remarks: Ross Gillespie welcomed everyone and stated it was nice to see a large turnout. Ross introduced Linda Phillips and welcomed her to the Board, Louella Webber was also introduced as a guest who provides CART services for deaf/hard of hearing members. Ross also acknowledged National Life Member Doreen Morton, and Branch Life Members, Lillian June, Bill Karpo, & Tom Charchuk. Ross asked for a moment of silence in memory of those members who have left us since our last meeting. Ross introduced the Sturgeon Unity Singers who performed prior to the meal and meeting.

Approval of Agenda: Ross confirmed there were no additions or amendments to the agenda. Approval of the agenda was moved by Rick Brick and seconded by Clay Kolstad, and unanimously approved.

Approval of Previous Minutes: Ross next asked if there were any errors or amendments to the minutes from the September 7, 2016 General Membership Meeting. There were none noted following review. Approval of the minutes as published was moved by Joan Brick and seconded by Heather-Anne Elliott-Martin, and unanimously approved.

President’s Report:

Ross discussed the Grey Matters Conference which was held in Grande Prairie on September 20th & 21st for Seniors, Seniors Groups, and Organizations serving Seniors. Topics included health, recreation, seniors driving and alternate transportation options, Encore Employment services, Elder abuse, LGBTQ community moving into senior’s accommodations, End of Life options, using Social Media, provincial financial support for seniors, etc. Presentations by Margaret Trudeau on Mental Health, and Maria Campbell who is an aboriginal elder, author, & researcher about her struggles and successes in life.

On September 22nd, a meeting for members & prospective members of the National Association of Federal Retirees in the Grande Prairie area was held. It was well attended and provided our members with an update on national, regional, & branch activities including the Preferred Partners Fair held as part the Edmonton General Members meeting on September 7th. Our first Vice-President has been nominated by our board to fill the role of District Director for the

Prairies/Northwest Territories region of NAFR. The election will take place at the National Annual Members Meeting in Ottawa, which will be held in June 2017.

Reserve Fund for Canada 150 Celebration:

National Association of Federal Retirees – AB 17 – Edmonton Branch

Be it resolved that:

Edmonton Branch Number 17 establish a reserve fund in the amount of three thousand dollars ($3,000.00) to cover the estimated cost of holding a Canada Day event to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation. Approval for the reserve fund was moved by Brian Emdin and seconded by Rick Brick, and unanimously approved.

Details of the event and a budget will be presented at the Annual Members Meeting on the 03 May 2017.

PAO Report: On 8th November 2016, a Town Hall meeting was held reference the Provincial/Federal Health Care Accord. Panelists were Dr. Ernest Schuster, Dr. Sheree Kwong See, and Noel Summerville. Health Care system currently does not meet the needs of older citizens. Patients are unable to afford their medications, extreme delays for long-term care, and not enough support to remain in their homes. All levels of government actively work together for the health of Canadians. This is a critical opportunity to address gaps in seniors’ care, home care services need to be expanded and better support provided to informal caregivers. Many senior patients remain in hospital beds which put them at risk of infection, plus taking them away from family and friends has a negative impact on their health. Additional health care funding should be transferred to provinces and territories based on the proportion of seniors. Ageism refers to systematic stereotyping and discrimination against older adults/people as a group. Mental health is also a priority, Canada does need a national dementia strategy, including appropriate and quality care for persons with dementia. Loneliness and social isolation are also

a risk factor for older people. This impact should include female, indigenous, and senior health care considerations. The presentations by the panelists were well received and there was a very

active question and answer period.

Branch Bylaws:

National Association of Federal Retirees – AB 17 – Edmonton Branch

Be it resolved that:

the Edmonton Branch No. 17 adopt the bylaws as described in the Notice of Motion given at the September 7, 2016 General Membership Meeting and as presented on the branch website www.nafredm.ca (formerly www.fsnaedm.ca).

Approval of the Bylaws motion was moved by Rick Brick and seconded by Linda Phillips, and unanimously approved.

Health Benefit Officer Report: For the period January 20, 2016 – December 6, 2016 there were a total of eight inquiries received. Five of the contacts were in relation to the recent insert in the SAGE magazine about Hospital Benefits coverage. Two conversations were regarding coverage for the purchase of medical support equipment. With regard to the final request, a message was left for the member but nothing has been heard back from them as yet.

Effective immediately, all paper PHSCP claim forms for reimbursement must be sent to the following address:

Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, P.O. Box 6192 Stn CV, Montreal QC, H3C 4R2.

After 31 March 2017, claims not sent to the above address will be returned to sender.

Any questions regarding PSHCP claims can be directed to Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada through your sun life account at www.sunlife.ca/pshcp or by phone at 1-888-757-7427.

Communications Report: Heather-Anne Elliott-Martin the Membership Director expressed her thanks on behalf of the entire Board to the phone committee volunteers for their excellent dedication.

Door Prizes: The first door prize was a $150.00 gift certificate from Via-Rail which was won by Vivian Mattia. The two (2) door prizes of $50.00 each were won by Lucie Colucci and Charles Collett. The two (2) 50/50 draws were won by Marjorie Jardine.

Canada’s 150th Anniversary Celebration: Our Branch is looking at partnering with the Kingsway Legion in planning this event. If you would like to participate as an organizer or have suggestions, please contact one of our Board members or the Entertainment chairperson for the Kingsway Legion.

Mac Torrie the President of the Kingsway Legion wished the members of the National Association of Federal Retirees – AB 17 – Edmonton Branch a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on behalf of the Kingsway Legion.

Adjournment: President Ross Gillespie adjourned the meeting at 2:15 p.m.

Next Meeting: The next annual members meeting is scheduled for May 3, 2017. It will be an evening meeting.