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2016-09-07 Fall General Membership Meeting and Trade Fair Minutes

National Association of Federal Retirees – AB17 – Edmonton Branch

Minutes to the General Membership Meeting – Sep 7, 2016

Royal Canadian Legion, Kingsway Branch – 14339 – 50th Street, Edmonton, Alberta

Present: 180 members and Board Members: Brian Emdin APO/AB, Dave Riffel BSC, Ross Gillespie, Lillian June, Clay Kolstad, Delbert Dahl, Heather-Anne Elliott-Martin, Rick Brick, Judy Tracz, Mahir Mansi, and Joan Brick. Also in attendance was the following guests: Simon Coakeley CEO/NAFR and Luella Webber who provided CART (Communications Access Realtime Translation) for deaf/hard of hearing members.

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Ross Gillespie at 12:45 p.m.

Opening Remarks: Ross Gillespie welcomed everyone and stated it was nice to see a significantly larger turnout than the last few meetings. Doreen Morton was recognized as a National Life Member, Lillian June and Bill Karpo were also recognized as Branch Life Members for the many years of service both have given in support of the Branch. Simon Coakeley CEO/NAFR was also introduced to the members. Ross asked for a moment of silence in memory of those members who have left us since our last meeting, including Doreen O’Hara who passed away on the 7th of May and was also a National Life Member. Grace was given by Rick Brick, at which time the meal was served.

Approval of Agenda: Ross asked if there were any additions or amendments to the agenda. Approval of the agenda was moved by Rick Brick and seconded by Mahir Mansi, and unanimously approved.

Approval of Previous Minutes: Ross next asked if there were any errors or amendments to the minutes from the May 4, 2016 Annual Members Meeting. There were none noted after review so there was a request for approval of those minutes. Approval of the published minutes was moved by Joan Brick and seconded by Clay Kolstad, and unanimously approved.

President’s Report: Ross made mention of the levels of participation within the organization. Brian Emdin is our past president but now has the role of PAO/AB (Program Advocacy Officer) within our District. Dave Riffel is also a past president and currently our second Vice-President, as well as BSC/AB (Branch Services Coordinator). The Associations new National Vice-President is Roy Goodall, who is a member of the Calgary branch. The new structure of the organization now has a Prairies District comprised of Alberta, Saskatchewan, & Manitoba. The two Directors responsible for the District are Anne Ashcroft/Saskatoon and Joe Sanderson/Winnipeg. Alberta now has a recently appointed Seniors’ Advocate, Dr. Sheree Kwong See, whose office is open. We are partnering with the Canadian Medical Association to hold a Health Accord Town Hall meeting in Edmonton on November 8th at the Kingsway Legion, Brian Emdin is organizing the event. Effective January 1st, the National Association will be implementing a new fee structure; Single membership $46.76 or $3.98 month, Double membership $62.04 or $5.17 month. There are questionnaires at each table, we would appreciate feedback on

activities that will encourage members and potential members to participate in our meetings. We would also appreciate members becoming Board Members or assisting on a project basis.

Guest Speaker: Simon Coakeley, CEO, NAFR. Simon was appointed to this position as a representative of the organization on the May 16th 2016, and our branch is grateful for his attendance to our general membership meeting as this is his first official branch visit. He has been a member of the national association since 2003 as an associate member. He made mention of the start of the operational implementation of the 2017 – 2019 Strategic Plan which will be presented to the National Board in September. He also stressed the importance of the Health Accord Town Halls across Canada, and Seniors’ need to ensure that their needs are being met.

Branch Bylaws: Dave Riffel as chairperson of the Bylaws Committee for the Alberta/Edmonton AB17 Branch, I hereby give due notice of motion that the Branch is in the process of drafting new bylaws to conform with the National bylaws of our Association. The “Draft” Bylaws will be posted on our website in early November, and at the December 7th General Membership Meeting will be put to the membership for adoption.

Trade Show: The exhibitors at the trade show seemed very well received by the members.

Door Prizes: The first door prize which was a travel blanket from Johnson’s Insurance was won by Virginia Howell. The next door prize was a battery charger which was won by John Doree. Nexus Travel donated silk scarves which were won by Betty Ann Sharp and Carol Sayre respectively. Goodlife Fitness donated a T-Shirt and Water Bottle which were won by Ronald Rickman. The (2) two 50/50 draws were won by John Doree and Jon Bennett respectively.

Canada’s 150th Anniversary Celebration: Our Branch is looking at partnering with the Kingsway Legion in planning this event. If you would like to participate as an organizer or have suggestions, please contact one of our Board members or the Entertainment chairperson for the Kingsway Legion.

New Members: Vivian Mattia and Valerie Symborski became members at this meeting, Ross thanked them both for joining our organization.

Adjournment: President Ross Gillespie adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.

Next Meeting: The next general members meeting is scheduled for December 7, 2016 in the afternoon.