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2016-05-04 Annual Members Meeting

National Association of Federal Retirees – AB17 – Edmonton Branch

Minutes to the General Membership Meeting – May 4, 2016

Royal Canadian Legion, Kingsway Branch – 14339 – 50th Street, Edmonton, Alberta

Present: 77 members and Board Members: Brian Emdin, Dave Riffel, Ross Gillespie, Lillian June, Clay Kolstad, Delbert Dahl, Heather-Anne Elliott-Martin, Rick Brick, Judy Tracz, Mahir Mansi, and Joan Brick. Also in attendance were the following four guests: Honourable Lori Sigurdson – Minister of Seniors and Housing, Timothy Chu – Minister Sigurdson’s Press Secretary, Roy Goodall – District Director, and Luella Webber who provided CART (Realtime STENOvations) for deaf/hard of hearing members.

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Brian Emdin at 6:05 p.m.

Opening Remarks: Brian Emdin welcomed everyone and then asked for a moment of silence to honour deceased members, as well as a moment of silence for all those affected by the fires in Fort McMurray. Brian asked for grace to be given following which the meal was served.

Guest Speakers: During coffee/dessert, the following presentations were provided.

Lori Sigurdson Minister of Seniors and Housing: Lori spoke to a series of initiatives she will be focusing on for Seniors regarding availability of housing, updating of available housing in the province, as well as a program to update homes which are owned by Seniors that will allow them to remain in same, etc.

She then opened the floor to questions. There were a number of questions regarding the priorities of the recently elected provincial government and their need to work closely with the even more recently elected federal government. Finally, there were a number of concerns expressed in regard to ageism and the need for government to help ensure that every consideration possible be given to spouses being able to reside together when extended care is required by one or both family members.

Roy Goodall District Director: Roy addressed the challenges that have been faced by the National Board of Directors and the Association due to resignations of senior officials in 2015. Roy also spoke to the various issues that will be raised at the upcoming National Annual Member’s Meeting. He addressed the importance of diversity on the National Board. Roy then opened the floor to questions.

President Brian Emdin thanked both speakers on behalf of the Association Branch members for their remarks and willingness to respond to questions.

Approval of Agenda: Brian asked if there were any additions or amendments to the agenda. Treasurer’s Report was added to the agenda, he sought approval for the agenda as amended. Approval of the amended agenda was moved by Bill Lundquist and seconded by Rick Brick.

The motion was approved unanimously.

Approval of Previous Minutes: Brian next asked if there were any errors or amendments to the minutes from the December 2, 2015 General Membership Meeting. There were none noted after review so there was a request for approval of those minutes. Approval of the published minutes was moved by Clay Kolstad and seconded by Mahir Mansi. The motion was approved unanimously.

Clay Kolstad Treasurer: The Audited financial statements for 2015 showing earnings of $9,847.25 were presented. There was a request for approval of the Audited financial statements, moved by Clay Kolstad and seconded by Joan Brick. The motion was approved unanimously.

President’s Report: President Brian Emdin stated that it has been an honour and a privilege to serve as your President of the Edmonton Branch of the Association for the past four years. He mentioned that this would be his final meeting as the President. Brian did a survey among the members present regarding afternoon meetings. There was strong support for a lunch meeting in September.

Elections for Branch Executive Positions – Elections were held for executive board positions and the results are listed below. All positions were elected by acclamation.

President – Ross Gillespie

1st Vice President – Rick Brick

2nd Vice President – Dave Riffel

Secretary – Joan Brick

Treasurer – Clay Kolstad

Door Prizes: The door prizes were won by Sylvia Kennedy and Brian Emdin. Bert Moors and Priscilla Lajeunesse split the 50/50 draw.

Volunteers: President Ross Gillespie spoke to the importance of volunteers to the association and encouraged members to come forward if they wanted to explore the possibility of helping out the Association either on a one time or on-going basis.

Adjournment: President Ross Gillespie adjourned the meeting at 8:15 p.m.

Next Meeting: The next general members meeting is scheduled for September 7, 2016 in the afternoon.